Terra Nova Bothy Bag - 4-Person Emergency Shelter

Posted: March 13, 2022
Terra Nova Bothy Bag - 4-Person Emergency Shelter
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I see your bivy sack, and raise you the Terra Nova Bothy Bag, a lightweight emergency shelter erected and held in place by your own body weight and form. Or rather, your own and your friend Cornelius'. Or, given this Bothy Bag listing leads to Terra Nova's 4-person shelter, yours, your friend Cornelius', your friend Victor's, and your friend Maurice's.

For rescue operators, for mountaineers in need of an escape from the rain, for backcountry skiers looking to warm up, and for parks and forests workers who want to meet or take lunch away from the elements, Terra Nova Bothy Bags allow users to erect their own tent-like shelter anywhere they are able to sit together. And in addition to using the human shape to provide the shelter's structure, Bothy Bag's recruit its biology to create a "microclimate" of warmth and humidity inside, while blocking the water, snow, and wind creating the "macroclimate" outside.

The 4-person Bothy Bag weighs just 21 ounces and packs down into a 11" x 4.5" cylindrical sack. In use the emergency shelter stands 52" long x 46" wide x 40" tall.

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