Sportspower Family BluPod Hanging Tent

Posted: June 01, 2020
Sportspower Family BluPod Hanging Tent
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Despite literally hanging from a galvanized steel stand, I'm not sure how fun Sportspower's Family BluPod Hanging Tent would be for the other kind of hanging. The out kind. The quality time with Mama, Pop, and the kids kind. Because for being called the Family BluPod, this backyard tent has only a 61" circular floor. And the downside to its neat-o hanging feature? A weight capacity. No more than 600 pounds of family allowed.

So if you can even cram everyone in there without busting the thing in the first place, really the only kind of hanging out your family is going to be doing in the Family BluPod Hanging Tent is sitting shoulder-to-shoulder staring at each other as you hang.

Probably better to think of it as a fort for just the kids. Or Dad when he's in the doghouse. (Which you can, of course, Dad joke rename to the BluePop BluePod.)

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