ScoreCaddy Outdoor Scoreboard Keeper with Drink Holders

Posted: March 04, 2021
ScoreCaddy Outdoor Scoreboard Keeper with Drink Holders
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Hey ScoreCaddy, HMB while I sink this bag in the cornhole. And while you're at it, tick that blue marker up 3 points. The ScoreCaddy from GoSports keeps lawn game players honest and hydrated - or drunk and not responsible for doing math and remembering scores, depending on how you want to look at it - with its manual magnetic scoreboard table with drink holders.

The party-ready score keeping set comes with 2 wooden tables, in your choice dark brown or white stains, each with 2 recessed cup holders, plus some spare surface area for game equipment or snacks. Just one of the tables has the measuring stick-style scoreboard, with blue and red magnetic discs that tally up to 21 points for Teams 1 and 2.

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