Retractable Folding Camping Stool

Posted: February 23, 2020
Retractable Folding Camping Stool
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My grandma used to have a white cup she kept in her purse that telescoped open and closed just like this Retractable Folding Camping Stool. She would bust it out anytime I got real amped up when we were out in public, saying it looked like I could use some candy, first the kind you swallow whole, and then the chewy kind made of chocolate. She kept the former in her purse with the telescoping cup, and she'd pull out the cup and say we were gonna go on a scavenger hunt for a drinking fountain. I'd always find one within, like, 3 minutes, and she'd fill the cup with water, give me the swallowable candy, and...huh.

It just occurred to me my grandma probably used to feed me Valium.

Oh well. I turned out just fine.

So this Retractable Folding Camping Stool expands from 2.5" to 18" high and, quite surprisingly, can hold up to 330 pounds on its 10" diameter seat when set in place. Collapsed it's not that much different to pack and carry than an iPad, plus comes with an adjustable detachable strap for shoulder-slinging on the move.

In addition to camping and hiking, you can bring the Retractable Folding Camping Stool along to the beach, park, festivals, and sporting events, or keep it in the house for an extra place to pop a squat when you're working on projects.

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