QUICKPLAY PRO Portable Folding Bench

Posted: August 16, 2021
QUICKPLAY PRO Portable Folding Bench
$89 - $167.99
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Instant benches for the kids, instant bleachers for their parents with QUICKPLAY's PRO Portable Folding Bench. Or, if you prefer, instant benches for the grown-ass players, instant bleachers for their significant others attending this adult soccer league game out of politeness, but covertly watching the latest episodes of Ted Lasso on their phones to make the time go by faster.

The QUICKPLAY PRO Portable Folding Bench range consists of easy set-up seating connected in 2, 4, 6, or 9-seat blocks. Benches come with or without backrests, and each 17" wide seat can hold players or fans weighing up to 250 pounds. A carry bag is included.

In addition to sporting events, a QUICKPLAY PRO Portable Folding Bench can create instant extra seating at tailgates and picnics, around campfires, and on the lawn during BBQs and backyard games.

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