PurTrek Hiking Pole Water Filtration System

Posted: March 12, 2023
PurTrek Hiking Pole Water Filtration System
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Stay hydrated, stay upright, and stay hydrated while staying upright with the PurTrek Hiking Pole Water Filtration System. The 7075 aircraft aluminum walking stick has a built-in hollow fiber filter that removes 99.999% of crap you don't want to drink as you're filling up with the water you do. And you don't have to squat down or bend over and risk eating rock or river bank while you do it.

The PurTrek has a first stage inlet filter installed in the pole around 5" off the ground to block small particles even when the tip is inserted in a gravel river bed. To filter, users open the water inlet cover, insert the PurTrek into the water, attach an included drinking hose, and pump. Into a bottle, or right into the mouth. When finished, turn the pole upside down to get rid of any remaining water, and turn the walking stick back into an ultralight stabilizer.

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