Dog on Water Ramp for Boats, Docks & Pools

Posted: June 21, 2022
Dog on Water Ramp for Boats, Docks & Pools
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Dog overboard! might not be such a big deal if you've got a pup who loves to swim, but Dog back onboard? As in getting yours there when he's had his fill of the water? Now that can be a doggone mess. But, a doggone mess you may be able to avoid with the Dog on Water Ramp.

Made for installation on the back of boats, along docks, or inside swimming pools, POP's Dog on Water Ramp helps dogs large and small return to solid matter from liquid with ease. The design includes a heavy-duty mesh ramp that drops into the water at an easily traversed 25-degree incline. It also has Paw Gripz built into its surface to provide additional traction for four-legged friends done with their doggie paddling.

Past the mesh, dogs climbing up the Dog on Water Ramp will reach a Tough Gripz platform, flat and stable to allow them to find grounding before climbing out. An inflatable drop-stitch float lines the sides and back of the ramp to keep it buoyant.

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