Outdoor Rocking Hammock Lounger

Posted: June 22, 2017
Outdoor Rocking Hammock Lounger
$79.99 - $89.99
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I like that this outdoor hammock lounger's design suggests I probably won't flip sideways or spill out onto my belly trying to get in and out of it. But I do have some concerns about ending up ass over teakettle. The rocker's got a big, long forward-back motion. Looks like you're even supposed to tip it forward to get in and out. Wonder what happens when you fall into a pool snooze and start dreaming about a nest of snakes dumping onto your head and it goes the other way.

Suitable for the garden, beach, pool deck, or park, the hammock lounger has a simple construction consisting of a tubular, powder-coated steel stand covered in weather-resistant textilene fabric. A pillow attaches at the top end for head and neck comfort, but that brick of a thing does not look conducive to head and neck comfort to me.

The rocking hammock lounger comes in a choice of red or gray.

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