Mozy Leg Jacket - Weatherproof Thermal Wrap

Posted: September 30, 2021
Mozy Leg Jacket - Weatherproof Thermal Wrap
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Freezing weather finally arrived? No matter. You can still Mozy on over to the tailgate, the campsite, the backyard BBQ that won't let summer go in cozy comfort with the Mozy leg jacket. Nope, it's not a fancy way of saying pants, or skirt, or kilt. The Mozy is a jacket for your legs, a weatherproof thermal wrap designed to give your lower half some love, and protect it from wind, rain, and the brrrs when you're outside. Or inside a drafty, cold-ass house like my Aunt Jan's.

It certainly reflects her personality.

Mozy leg jackets are rated for a 20- to 60-degree F temperature range, so they're especially nice for Fall nights, football season, and trick-or-treating with the kids. Since it's a wrap, the Mozy actually fastens around your waist, so you can walk and move freely, and have your hands free to attend to other things. The corners of the wrap also fold up and attach to a pair of lower pockets if you need to shorten it for more mobility.

Mozy is made of technical fabrics, including a heavy-duty nylon outer shell and heavyweight fleece interior. It also has 3 easy-reach pockets and a carabiner clip for storing / attaching additional gear, from water and beer bottles, to keys, phones, hats, and gloves. One of the pockets also serves as the Mozy's carrier; the thermal wrap folds up inside itself, revealing a built-in shoulder strap for transport.

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