Koto Wood-Fired Hot Tub

Posted: March 15, 2023
Koto Wood-Fired Hot Tub
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Why is everyone using Koto's Wood-Fired Hot Tub also using, um, clothes? Like, what's that lady in the image above wearing in 102-degree water that's basically sitting right next to a campfire? A cardigan? A wetsuit? The wooly hat is very clear. And - and! - she appears to be sipping a glass of neat whiskey. Just to, I guess, warm the blood a little on top of it all. Where the heck is the Koto Wood-Fired Hot Tub made, Antarctica?

Presumably, ye who purchase a Wood-Fired Hot Tub from Koto's Elements line will not be required to outfit yourself in anything but your birthday suit to use it, so with that in mind, we can continue to discuss the spa itself. Sexy, modern, and tuned to nature, the Wood-Fired Hot Tub features a 200cm diameter lux black basin at its center. The tub is treated with heavy-duty granite, and enclosed in black thermo wood cladding, completing an aesthetic that is both beautiful and subtle.

The integrated wood-burning heater powers a matt black internal boiler, and exhausts through a tall stainless steel chimney. All heating elements are surrounded by a protection fence.

The Koto Wood-Fired Hot Tub requires no electricity to heat its water and maintain temperatures, but, ever the contemporary design, the tub is also fitted with LED lights and a bubbling hydro massage system. You can opt not to use those features at all, or hook them up to an electrical supply, including battery packs, solar panels, or a generator.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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