KEA KIT Outdoor Survival System

Posted: June 20, 2021
$129 - $136
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Get a leg up on nature with the KEA KIT outdoor survival system. KEA KIT. KEA KIT. That's an interesting name. Please tell me there's no assembly required for proper use. That I don't have to follow obscure line drawing directions to be prepared for unexpected adventures and emergencies. That if after putting together my KEA KIT I end up short 6 screws / nuts / bolts / dowels, or with 25 extra screws / nuts / bolts / dowels I'm totally dead when it's time to start a fire, filter stream water, patch up my bloody elbow, or wrestle a bear.

OK, fine, I won't hold it against the KEA KIT no matter what if I lose a wrestling match with a bear.

Joking aside, the KEA KIT has no relation to a certain Swedish furniture brand, and arrives fully assembled. Plus fully packed, organized, and divided into modules so you can take just when you need on excursions ranging from day hikes to weekend camping trips to a month off-grid in your RV.

Developed and made in Australia by beREDI Outdoors, the KEA KIT is divided into what the company considers the 5 pillars of outdoor survival: Shelter; Water; Fire; Tools; and Medical. Each pillar is individually packed into a tough, water-resistant zippered pouch, with over 30 pieces of essential survival gear comprising the complete KEA KIT. The 5 individual kit components all pack into a master pouch, itself compact and lightweight enough to fit into a backpack.

You can learn more about the KEA KIT outdoor survival system here on Kickstarter, plus pledge to own one for yourself through July 2, 2021.

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