Intex Full Size Above Ground Pool

Posted: May 03, 2021
Intex Full Size Above Ground Pool
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You don't just climb out of this swimming pool, you climb into it too. And I hope you're a good scrambler - or long jumper, or pole vaulter - because Intex's full size above ground pool doesn't come with a lot of other options. At least none that look too graceful or comfortable with that steel pipe frame making up its top edge and side supports.

The 32' x 16' above grounder does come with a removable ladder, but when you're on one end of the pool and it's on the other you know it's gonna be time to practice your Olympic mounts and dismounts, and Cirque du Soleil moves.

In addition to its in / out awkwardness, the full size above ground pool also looks like a bit of a monstrosity. A 364-gallon, 4'4" deep monstrosity, to be more precise. Intex dodges this reality by calling the swimming pool's appearance "contemporary."

And while the above ground version of what you'd normally put in the ground is certainly cheaper than the digging, concrete pouring, filling, and maintenance required of a typical full size swimming pool, Intex's design still isn't cheap. And if it got punctured or a tree fell on it? If a tornado rolled through? Suddenly you're super awesome best-parent-ever gift for the kids becomes your flooded yard, maybe your flooded house, and possibly your worst nightmare.

No disrespect to Intex, but I'd stick with this version of their swimming pools.

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