Ignik Gas Growler - Refillable Propane Tank

Posted: February 05, 2020
Ignik Gas Growler - Refillable Propane Tank
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The Ignik Gas Growler is a refillable propane tank that endeavors to give us some happy, environmentally-friendly, and economical middle ground. When you're camping, RVing, tailgating, grilling, or doing any activity that requires outdoor cooking you typically have 2 choices for propane fuel: an unwieldy 20-pound tank; or an ultra-portable 16-ounce "green" bottle...that's good for just one use, and thereafter becomes another cancer cell in the body of Mother Earth, the lady you were using the propane to spend more time with in the first place.

The Ignik Gas Growler is a manageable 5-pound, 1.2-gallon propane tank that Ignik says will not only last you 5 times longer than the green guys, but will cost the same as one of them to refill when it runs out. In addition to the reusable tank, the Gas Growler kit comes with a 4' insulated hose with adapter, and easy-carry protective case with MOLLE webbing. The adapter hose fits 1" 20UNEF connectors, such as those found on many 2-burner camp stoves, as well as 0.5" QCC1/OPD compatible products, or many standard home BBQ grills.

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