Hydrapak Expedition 8L Collapsible Water Bottle

Posted: March 13, 2018
Hydrapak Expedition 8L Storage Bottle
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Hydrapak's 8L Expedition water bottle applies the flatten'n'pack Hydrapak family tradition the Stash bottle established to a much larger scale. Where the Stash holds 750mL of hydration, enough for a short hike or your kid's soccer game, the Expedition holds a whole weekend camping trip's worth.

The Expedition bladder has a wide-mouth Plug-N-Play cap for easy filling and pouring at base camp, plus an attachable dispensing tap if you want to ration out your water, or make sure more of it ends up in your mouth than down your chin. Hydrapak's storage big boy is also compatible with backcountry water filters, such as Katadyn.

When empty the Expedition flattens, rolls, and wraps up with a tether for pack-in / out. The bladder is made of abrasion-resistant, waterproof nylon TPU laminate, with RF welded seams. Its dual baffles make it stable enough to stand on its own when full, and it has a flexible webbing handle to make it easier to hang (and carry.)

The 8L Expedition has a functional temperature range of frozen (as in, you can freeze it) up to 140 degrees F.

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