Ziv's Portable Smoker

Posted: July 10, 2017
Ziv's Portable Smoker
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Ziv likes his fish straight out of the smoker the same night he catches it. Even if he's spending that night in Mother Nature's backyard instead of his own. He created Ziv's Portable Smoker - a cooker box that collapses and folds into a briefcase - for his fellow fishermen and campers. Those who want freshly smoked fish, meat, and veggies around the campfire.

Or at the beach or park. Or off on the side of a road in Tennessee during the family's RV trip to Disney World. Who needs the Cracker Barrel when you've got Ziv's Portable Smoker?

Ziv's smoker is compatible with any heat source, including an open fire, a gas stove, or a BBQ. When not in use, it folds flat and tucks inside its own special hard case for carrying and storage. (For those who don't dig the smell of residual smoke in their car or garage, the case is designed to be odor-free.)

Set up the smoker stands 19.7" tall, with a 11.4" x 9.65" mesh area for placing food. Ziv has its packed dimensions down to 15.75" x 13.4" x 4.7".

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