Watchman Outdoor Cooking Stove

Posted: March 20, 2018
Watchman Outdoor Cooking Stove
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If Rorschach were a grillin' man, the Watchman Stove is what he'd use. This outdoor cooker can make multiple face changes too, with 2 primary cooking options, plus a warming "Potato Plate," plus any new ways of using the stove you come up with while you're using it.

Watchman Stoves are handmade in the US with a 6" x 3/16" steel tube stove body and 3/16" laser-cut hinged stainless steel cooking surface. You can use your choice of charcoal or wood as fuel. The former creates direct cooking, with the coals top-fed into the grill, underneath the grate. For indirect cooking, front-feed your logs into the Watchman; this is also the fastest way to heat the stove.

The Potato Plate is made of 1/4" carbon steel, and is good for warming food. It averages 300 degrees F around the 3 sides of the vertical 6" tube, while the 4 outside corners are usually 50 to 75 degrees cooler. The Watchman also has a 3/16" stainless steel ash grate and ash slide for easy post-festivities dumping. Watchman outdoor stove measurements are 20" wide x 30" high x 22" deep.

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