The Fusion Grill

Posted: May 20, 2018
Check It Out

The Fusion Grill automatically gets a +5 from me for whoever involved with it decided to make that shot of the BBQ's celeb chef collaborator, Heston Blumenthal, the demo video's thumbnail. It's like Elvis meets I-think-this-pork's-gone-bad.

From a functional standpoint, the Fusion Grill doesn't sound so bad either. Part of Blumenthal's Everdure line, the outdoor cooker aims to deliver "the flavor of charcoal grilling with the ease and speed of gas grilling." It loads with charcoal, but rather than you standing there with a wand lighter and a BBQ Dragon trying to heat up the coals in 95-degree weather, the Fusion Grill's fast flame ignition sparks an electrical element to start heating them fast and even for you.

The Fusion Grill says it can go from Cold to Let's Cook in 10 minutes.

The Fusion Grill has a modular design, allowing you to mount it on its 1-legged stand, or remove and set the grilling unit on a flat surface for more portable cooking. It also includes a built-in rotisserie system, adjustable to 3 heights for cooking chicken, legs of lamb, and pork roasts that have either maybe gone bad, or bring out the hunka hunka burnin' love in you.

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