The Barbecue Dining Boat

Posted: June 15, 2012
The Barbecue Dining Boat
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Here's a practical, $50,000 solution to the conundrum of...ummm...BBQing on float trips without leaving the water? Executing the 1-2 punch of catching and cooking fish to order? Romantic roundtable dining cruises with expertly grilled steak, free-flowing wine, and no bathrooms within 1/2 a mile? OK, the Barbecue Boat doesn't serve any real purpose, aside from looking cool and giving up to 10 adults a once-in-a-lifetime experience one of them inadvertently bid on after 6 glasses of Prosecco at an auction. But for that, I suppose it fills its role admirably.

A 24" steel charcoal grill serves as the Barbecue Boat's centerpiece, surrounded by an ABS table and seats, plus a retractable 11' diameter nylon umbrella. Tables sport 10 place settings, each with a recessed plate holder, 3 beverage holders, and a silverware tray. The tubular floater lazes around bodies of water everyone prays will stay calm with a 30-watt electric trolling motor capable of shuttling diners into the sunset at 2 1/2 mph. Four rechargeable batteries power the motor, and can operate continuously for up to 8 hours.

The aquatic wonder measures 11'9" in diameter and 9'2" tall. Weight is a whopping (I guess whopping. I don't really know how much boats should weigh. But if it were a person it would be whopping) 1,102 pounds.

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