Texsport Rotisserie Grill & Spit

Posted: March 08, 2016
Texsport Rotisserie Grill & Spit
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I know the original is festive and all, but I would much rather sing a song about rotisserie chickens, sausages, and hamburger patties roasting over an open fire than chestnuts. Especially at the beginning of March, when I am jonesing for some backyard BBQ and backwoods campfire weather.

The Texsport Rotisserie Grill and Spit is a fairly basic open-fire cooking contraption that you could probably build or jerry-rig from a wrought iron patio table and fireplace poker yourself, but it's way easier to buy this one for $44.18 (at printing) from Amazon. The grill surface sits atop adjustable-height legs. It's made of tough welded metal that holds 24" x 16" worth of meat. Overlying the grill is a stainless steel rotisserie that rotates through 4 positions to ensure even slow roasting. A pair of swinging side arms can also hold potted food over the fire to keep it warm during other preparations.

Texsport says its Rotisserie Grill and Spit assembles and breaks down easily, and without tools. It weighs 16-1/2 pounds, with overall dimensions of 17" wide x 3" deep x 34" high at its maximum adjustment.

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