Swedish Fire Torch Log Grill

Posted: January 01, 2018
Swedish Fire Torch Log Grill
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You'll earn any meal you cook on the Swedish Fire Torch, a grill assembled with a sectioned stainless steel plate, a set of stabilizing rods, and a log split into quarters. The quarter splitting comes courtesy of you and your axe.

Might want to call on your Finnish buddy the Vipukirves Leveraxe to help out with this Swede.

The MITI log grill disc is made of heavy-duty, 1/8" 304L stainless, and comes with 4 steel stabilizing rods. And that's it. Easy to carry at 2.5 pounds, with a small footprint in your pack.

Once the quad of log segments is aligned and set under the Swedish Fire Torch, you'll have a raised, flat cooking surface and nonstop heat flaming up underneath. Maker Sportes says the MITI can heat large quantities of food and water quickly since the plate gets as hot as the logs holding it up, enabling direct heat transfer to the pots and pans you sit on top.

Sportes recommends choosing logs with a diameter of between 7.5" and 9" to axe for use with the Swedish Fire Torch. Maximum height should be 12" to 14".

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