S'Mores Roasting Rack

Posted: October 24, 2013
S'Mores Roasting Rack
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Well let's just take the modicum of elbow grease required to enjoy an ass fattener alongside a campfire out of the s'mores creation equation entirely. Now I don't even have to engage my upper body muscles supporting and rotating a stick for a couple minutes. Just impale my marshmallows on this s'mores roasting rack's side skewers, align chocolate-topped graham crackers along its grate, and sit there. Not overtaxing, not straining, not lifting a finger at all. Oh wait, I know. I could drink a beer. That would produce an equivalent physical exertion, and definitely justify the impending 800-calorie consumption.

Charcoal Companion's s'mores roasting rack was officially designed for BBQ grill use. So for people who are not only too lazy to hold a stick, but too lazy to venture into the great outdoors altogether. However, I'm sure I could rig it to serve my purposes over an open flame as well. The rack also supports various types of meat and vegetables for fools who want to intermingle that crap with their refined sugars.

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