Skotch Kooler Portable Grill

Posted: May 16, 2023
Skotch Kooler Portable Grill
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If you think plaid is rad and Scotch design is top notch design (though I think it's probably Scottish style / top nottish design) have a looksee at Skotch Kooler's Portable Grill. It's a bucket o' BBQ that burns wood or charcoal, and not only cooks campfire dogs and picnic kebabs to "flame-grilled perfection," but also in style.

Or at least in a style Cher Horowitz from Clueless, Charlotte York from Sex and the City, and Bob from your local bagpipers' brigade would dig.

The Skotch Kooler debuted in 1952 as - surprise! - a cooler. It had the same bucket shape as today's Portable Grill, though the brand now makes a Soft Kooler to pair with it and their Skotch Jug. The Scottish tartan pattern remains the standout feature of all three.

The Skotch Grill is built with a burn-proof firepot and a double-walled, heat-insulating body. It is tip-resistant and suitable for use on a tabletop.

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