Propane Tank Gauge

Posted: August 08, 2015
Propane Tank Gauge
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This hook-and-lift propane tank gauge claims it can make sure I never run out of gas at the grill again. What a crock. Unless it's some sort of on-call gas delivery drone or, like, a propane micro factory I'm pretty sure all it can do is tell me when my tank is getting low so I can make sure I never run out of gas at the grill again. You're not some miracle of technology and states of matter, propane gauge, you're just a scale.

Still, if you happen to need a scale to get an accurate assessment of how much gas you have left in your 20lb propane tank, this one will do the trick. The handheld device is durable and portable, and requires no batteries for use. Readouts follow the demarcations of a vehicle's fuel gauge, with notations for F, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, and E. However, in this case there is no orange light that flicks on as you approach Empty, and no digital display of how many more ribs you can BBQ before the grill dies.

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