Noori Modular Grill, Stove, Pizza Oven & Fire Pit

Posted: October 11, 2019
Noori Modular Grill, Stove, Pizza Oven & Fire Pit
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According to Noori, "Noori allows a wide range of features through its modularity." According to me, Noori allows a wide range of eating all my favorite food groups. Ribs and burgers! Fat pots of chili! Wood-fired pizza! And on the rare occasions I'm not hungry and in need of a grill, rocket stove, or pizza oven, Noori's lid, grates, and upper chamber pop off to turn the versatile cooker into an outdoor fire pit.

Which I could use to roast some wieners and s'mores when my hunger hits again.

Noori is a Brazilian design whose modular components facilitate cooking endless meals over either a wood fire or charcoal embers. Here's a closer look at Noori's 4 main uses:

  • Rocket Stove (Fogao a lenha Rocket in Portuguese). Use Noori as a permaculture vertical stove to cook over wood fires with optimized fuel combustion. In this setup you can make recipes in pans, casseroles, or other stovetop dishes.
  • BBQ Grill (Churrasqueira). Use wood, charcoal, or a combo of the two to sear and smoke foods on a grate. In grill form Noori's refractory body holds heat for an extended period of time, and you can add the cooker's lid on top to enhance your smoky flavors.
  • Pizza Oven (Forno de Pizza). Go wood-fired here and, based on how much you choose to burn, cook your pies fast or slow. Noori can reach a maximum temperature of around 750 degrees F, and the modular system comes with a pizza disk.
  • Fire Pit (Aquecedores). Go high with wood flames or create a cold night radiator with charcoal. You can set up the Noori as a wood fire pit either with its full refractory main body - the cylinder and the burner - or use just the burner with charcoal.
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