Miller Lite Beercoal - Beer-Infused Charcoal

Posted: May 25, 2022
Miller Lite Beercoal - Beer-Infused Charcoal
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How do you think Miller Lite came up with Beercoal? That's right, after enough clumsy or drunken beer spills into the Weber produced the tastiest burgers and brats ever, a beer-infused charcoal became the natural next step. Especially since Miller Lite's bag of pre-flavored bricks won't douse your fire, or make its flames surge and singe your eyebrows, during use.

Miller Lite made its first Beercoal drop on May 24, 2022, and it sold out faster than a Big Green Egg can sear a steak. (Hopefully, that's fast. Otherwise, excuse the metaphor. A pitmaster I am not.) The beer brand will continue their Beercoal hype and limited releases throughout the summer - head over to the Beercoal purchase page to check out upcoming dates and times.

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