LotusGrill - Smokeless Charcoal Grill

Posted: July 01, 2013

The LotusGrill, a compact, smokeless charcoal BBQ, is a perfect example of the type of gadget that makes me go, "How'd they do that?!" but really I'm not interested in an explanation if it requires more than 20 seconds of my attention, and mostly I just want someone to give me one.

The Australian contraption claims to enable anytime, anywhere grilling not only without the hassle and choking and blind, watering eyes and permeating odor of smoke, but also without the time commitment and mad wads of charcoal. Its hyper-efficient built-in fan (battery operated) creates a "bellows effect" that cuts 30- to 45-minute grill times down to 3 to 5 minutes, plus harnesses heat and infuses smoky flavor with 10% of the amount of charcoal a traditional grill requires.

LotusGrills include safety features, such as side walls that stay cool to the touch during cooking, and a fully enclosed mesh container that restrains the charcoal, preventing it from dumping out even if some joker knocks it over or turns it upside down.

For those who do actually care how'd they do that, the LotusGrill's variable speed fan forces air into its fistful of burning charcoal to generate more oxygen and, in turn, faster, hotter, and cleaner burning. Post superheating, the air radiates up through the stainless steel bowl, evenly distributing temperatures across the full surface area of the grill.

LotusGrills are available in a host of colors for boys and girls.

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