Livart Electric BBQ Grill

Posted: January 07, 2016
Livart Electric BBQ Grill

Don't judge this electric grill's capabilities by the video, which is pretty much just a montage of the most grisly, gag-inducing foods one could put to heat. Judge it by its tight checkerboard of rack squares, perfect for sizzling smaller items without concern that they'll collapse or fall through the openings, its numerous 5-star reviews, and its sweet, Survivalist Orange color. The Livart BBQ was originally designed for Yakitori-style cooking. Yakitori is basically Japanese chicken kebabs grilled over a charcoal fire. Here, Livart attempts to replicate the method and flavors with a countertop-sized electric model.

In addition to kebabs of all kinds, the Orange BBQ can cook up burgers and steaks, fish, or vegetables. It has an adjustable grill height and bottom tray for catching fat. Reviewers report that while the charbroiled taste doesn't transfer to this electric model, the grill is able to produce a solid sear and attractive grill marks. And on the plus side, no charcoal means no smoke.

While Livart grill's usable surface isn't huge--10-7/8" x 7-1/8"--it's probably big enough to slow roll out some burgers and sausages without having to suit up for Weber-ing in the cold during your Super Bowl party. I envision either a buffet of raw meat for friends to grill themselves, or a continuous stream of the bacon-wrapped whatever-those-are from the image gallery above making an appearance at my own SB 50 celebration.

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