KUDU Grill - Open Fire Outdoor BBQ Grilling System

Posted: August 15, 2019
KUDU Grill - Open Fire Outdoor BBQ Grilling System
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Pretty KUDUde. This open fire grilling system brings swingin' versatility to your outdoor pitmaster endeavors with a grill grate and cast iron skillet ring / pan that allow for grilling, sauteeing, searing, frying, boiling, smoking, and steaming.

The elevated KUDU mounts on heavy gauge steel self-leveling legs. Its bottom pit holds your fuel - charcoal or wood, the latter of which you can also burn just for ambience or s'mores. The laser-etched "KUDU" on 2 sides encourages airflow, in addition to enhancing your 'cueing visuals. The next level is the grill grate, made of stainless steel and providing a 20" grilling surface. The top rung is a ring for holstering KUDU's included 16" cast iron skillet.

Additional accessories are also available, such as side racks for a cutting / prep board, and a smoke dome to use the KUDU grill as a smoker.

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