INFERNO Perfect Sear, Ultrafast Infrared Grill

Posted: June 10, 2018
INFERNO Perfect Sear, Ultrafast Infrared Grill

Sliding your steak into an inferno would normally sound like a rough fate for the poor bastard. But in the case of NorthFire's INFERNO, a single propane infrared grill, you could be doing the meat - and yourself - a great, juicy, perfectly seared and ultrafast service.

Using a push-to-start ignitor that fires up infrared heat, the INFERNO can go from cold to 1500 degrees F instantly. At that temperature, NorthFire says you'll be able to lock in the juices, crisp up the edges, and sear up the surfaces of a 1" thick steak to medium rare in 2 minutes. The INFERNO's racked grilling system can also grill pork, lamb, chicken, burgers, and seafood in similar reduced cooking times.

While designed for outdoor use only, the INFERNO's brick shape and compact size at 16" x 10" x 14" make it pretty easy to bring along to the weekend cottage and campsites, and add to your stash of essential tailgating gear.

Interior INFERNO components are made of stainless steel, all dishwasher safe. This includes 4 grill racks inserted below the infrared piece on the top of the unit. Set your food on descending racks to modify its cook time and doneness level.

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