Home Tandoor Oven

Posted: July 24, 2018
Home Tandoor Oven
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Mmmm, fresh naan bread and tandoori chicken fresh from The Home Tandoor. Indian takeout that just opened, nope, not in the strip mall 15 minutes away, but in my backyard. Puri Tandoors makes traditional Indian clay ovens in a range of sizes, from commercial to catering to this model, a perfect flatbread-and-skewer-ready cylinder encased in stainless steel, and sized for home use. The home tandoor oven can cook enough naan on its walls and fire enough threads of meat and vegetables through its center to feed 10 to 12 people.

The home tandoor oven covers a fairly small footprint on outdoor patios and decks at 16" in diameter and 22" tall. It comes standard as a charcoal-fired oven - that's the authentic method of cooking - but maker Puri Tandoors does offer to include a gas-powered kit for an additional fee. You'll need to install it / convert the oven yourself.

The tandoor oven's vertical design and thick insulated walls enable fast and oil / fat-free cooking. The home tandoor package includes 8 x long skewers, 2 x naan rods, 1 x tandoor BBQ grill / griddle, and a weatherproof cover.

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