Grill Tumbler

Posted: December 02, 2016
Grill Tumbler
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Tumble your raw meat and veggies into BBQ gold! Or at least make sure they're fully marinated and evenly cooked with the help of Brookstone's Grill Tumbler. Step 1: Chop your grub and dump it into the enclosed octagon. (Well, actually it's only a hexagon, but it should be an octagon.) Step 2: Add your choice of marinade into the marinating tray, top it with the lid, and let the tenderizing and flavor infusions begin. Step 3: Remove the grill basket and place it on your preheated grill. Step 4: Let's get ready to tummmmblllle!

The Grill Tumbler's geometric design is intended to create a surface area that allows the food inside to develop just the right amount of char. The basket also has a nonstick coating so you won't have to pry or scrub food off its walls, and silicone handles to make turning a little easier, plus make sure the basket stays closed. The 6-sided construction also facilitates rolling the Tumbler across your grill when it's time to turn or move it.

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