GoBQ Roll-up Grill

Posted: April 26, 2015
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Some punk kids do grow up to make something of themselves. For example, punk college kid Eric Goeken grew up to be a 30-something broke hipster punk (I swear, his words, not mine). A 30-something broke hipster punk with an idea for a heretofore unseen type of grill. And a highly successful Indiegogo campaign for that grill, steamrolling through its last week of funding at printing. The GoBQ is the world's first roll-and-pack grill. Made from heavy-duty silicone-coated fiberglass fabric, you can literally fold, roll, and stuff this burger sizzler in a bag like you would your clothes on a backpacking trip to Europe.

Unfolded, the GoBQ's modular legs form a base for the charcoal, which sits inside a soft mesh hammock. Its outer case balloons open into a dome to form the handled lid. Also in the pack is a pliable 14" x 14" grilling grate to attach over the coals. The entire unpacking and setup process requires no assembly, and takes around 20 seconds--see for yourself in this GIF.

The GoBQ's heatproof fabric can withstand temperatures of over 1200 degrees F. The material itself is FDA-approved for use in cookware, such as baking mats and oven conveyor belts. In addition to standing up to heat, the fiberglass fabric's silicone coating ensures it will cool down much faster than metal, as well as insulate heat such that the outside of the grill always stays cooler than the inside.

GoBQs fit easily in backpacks or slung over the shoulder. They weigh about 8 pounds.

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