Float'N'Grill Floating Propane Grill

Posted: May 19, 2021
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Is it just me or does the Float'N'Grill, a, yep, floating propane grill, look like a Darwin Award waiting to happen? Or at least a soggy hot dog / meaty lunch for the ocean and lake fishies waiting to happen?

No matter. It's a little BBQ on its very own little raft (a raft with 3 cup holders and 2 tow hooks, no less.) The Ozarks are gonna be teeming with Float'N'Grills this summer.

Sandbar junkies, tubers, boaters, and floaters can all enjoy a burger or brat without ever leaving the water with Float'N'Grill's Shark Tank-worthy design. The grill's floats are made of food-grade HDPE plastic, which secure to the propane BBQ's removable metal legs to keep it stable...or at least as stable as the water's mood that day. Float'N'Grill did create a video to assure buyers the grill is flip-resistant - check out the grill on a choppy inland lake above.

Other Float'N'Grill features include a built-in igniter, a grease trap to keep waste out of the water and easily disposed, and a dual latch to lock up the lid tight during cooking and transport. Who needs a gift for Dad?

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