Ferno Adjustable Flame Gas Grill

Posted: June 05, 2019
Ferno Adjustable Flame Gas Grill
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The Ferno Stand Alone gas grill's sweet centerpiece feature isn't a crank wheel, it's a firewheel. Instead of rolling up your solar swimming pool covers and cycling through your FlipBooKit, this elbow-grease-operated accoutrement controls the height of the Ferno grill burners, and their flames, so even mediocre pitmasters won't ever burn their BBQ again.

Ferno Grills says it took them "4 years, 8 prototypes, 1 patent, and over 750 lbs of meat, fish, and veggies" to perfect the Stand Alone Grill's contemporary steampunk design (can I say "contemporary steampunk"? Oxymoron?) and dynamic functionality. Use propane or natural gas to generate Ferno flames, and then crank the firewheel to the right to bring them close to the grill's cast iron grates for pre-heating and searing, or the left to back them off when you want to slow cook in even heat. The grill has 3 x 18 gauge 304 stainless steel burners, 12,000 BTU each.

Ferno went with burly, 50-pound cast iron grill grates to give further control over grilling, since they provide a more consistent cooking surface in terms of distributing and holding heat. The Stand Alone Grill stands on "monster casters" for mobility and use on uneven surfaces, such as grass or flagstone.

Ferno and its adjustable flames are ready to party with you and all your hungry friends, with enough cooking area for: 25 burgers; 24 chicken thighs; 6 tri-tips; or 2 turkeys. (When you invite me over, I'll take 2, 4, 1, and 1 of each, please.) Grill temperature range, indicated on the built-in commercial temperature gauge, is 150 to 750 degrees F.

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