Cuisinart Flat Top Grill

Posted: November 16, 2020
Cuisinart Flat Top Grill
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The beauty of this flat top grill, the Cuisinart 22" Two-Burner Griddle, is fat. Fat from your burgers. Fat from your brats. Fat from your steaks. Fat from your pork chops. Melting out under the heat of 30,000 BTUs, but then sticking around, sizzling there right alongside the meat as it continues to cook, rather than dripping away between grill grates. So it's kind of like flat top confit. Or, as Guy Fieri would say, "Flavor country."

And that's just grilling part of the Cuisinart Two-Burner Griddle. A flat top also expands your outdoor cooking possibilities to foods a traditional BBQ grill couldn't easily accommodate - eggs, pancakes, sandwiches, stir fries, and pizza, to name a few.

The griddle's cooking surface is made of cold-rolled stainless steel, heated by a pair of burners your propane tank can fire from 200 to 550 degrees F. The entire perimeter of the flat top is fitted with a removable grease cup for easy(ish) cleanup.

Additional features if the Cuisinart 22" Two-Burner Griddle include locking caster wheels, a folding side prep table, an integrated paper towel holder, and a vented cover to facilitate multiple cooking methods, including frying, steaming, roasting, smoking, or just keeping cooked food warm.

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