COOKUP 200 Solar BBQ

Posted: May 12, 2013
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Those days when it's hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk or the sun's bright enough to light ants on fire with a magnifying glass? The COOKUP 200 solar BBQ turns nearly every day into an over-easy-on-the-concrete-cruel-bug-exterminating kind of day. Easy to assemble for use and break back down for portability, the sun-yoking grill fulfills the basic human need to consume hot dogs, burgers, and corn on the cob on the beach, at the park, camping, probably even on the balcony of a multi-family building that doesn't allow electric, gas, or charcoal grills, though you should really double check with property management or your homeowners' association on that one as I can't afford to get sued for giving that kind of misinformation again.

Like the Coneheads, the COOKUP 200's design and manufacture come from France. Grill functionality stems from its parabolic shape, which serves to focus all of the sun's rays it collects on the food being cooked. The process is simple, clean, and environmentally friendly, generating no smoke or off gassing CO2 emissions.

Solar BBQ setup time is around 10 minutes, and its cooking temperatures can reach 400+ degrees instantly. However, it takes about an hour to cook chicken. An hour. Uh, I feel like if I were really hungry for chicken and had to wait a whole hour to get it I would probably just eat my foot instead.

Dude. I want Chick-fil-A so bad right now.

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