Campfire Fishing Pole

Posted: June 27, 2013
Campfire Fishing Pole

I see the Fireside Fishing Pole and I see you and me going fishing in the dark. Lying on our backs and counting the stars. Where the cooool grass gr-oh-oh-ows. Yeah I like country music, so the fried okra what? You know who else likes country music? These two pretty hot chicks from the band Little Big Town, who I plan to invite to go fishing in the dark with me for the likes of s'mores and hotdogs using this clever campfire cooking mechanism, and if they turn me down then I will take my friend Cornelius.

Replacing the standard fishing pole hook with a sturdy stainless steel pronged thing, the Fireside Fishing Pole can swing either 4 marshmallows or 2 hot dogs over an open flame to toasting or roasting perfection. The rod includes a safety stop to preclude its dangling wire (also stainless steel) from swinging piping hot food back into the faces of those using it. Which I guess means you can't try that trick even once it's not so piping hot.

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