Balcony Barbecue

Posted: April 30, 2013
Balcony Barbecue
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I love BBQ and I hate bending over, so I guess I'd classify the Balcony Barbecue as a dream come true. Apartment dwellers and people with limited space can take advantage of the simple mountable grill that hangs at a perfect height atop deck rails, and cooks up BBQ as toothsome as...the skill level of whomever is cooking it. Yeah, that's right. Stop trying to blame the inanimate object. If it tastes like hot buttered ass, the culprit isn't the grill, it's user error, Cornelius.

The Balcony Barbecue has a large surface measuring 23.6" long x 9" wide, and includes a baking sheet for frying vegetables and eggs. Its lower basin can also serve as a flower pot, but if you want a flower pot, instead of buying a grill, I'd recommend buying a flower pot.

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