All Natural Wood Grill Scraper

Posted: April 19, 2016
All Natural Wood Grill Scraper
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And bonus points to Leprekald Grilling's wood scraper for also being the perfect size and shape for whacking the ass of anyone who comes near the master while he's at the grill.

Trade in the metal heads for a 100% maple or oak grill scraper and eliminate the possibility of bristles or shavings riding shotgun on your burger's drive from the Weber to your mouth. Leprekald Grilling's all-natural scrapers will get the same job done without shedding unsavory metal specks and threads. In time, the wood cleaner's preformed grooves will also custom burn to the precise shape of your grill grate. If the grooves get too deep, just saw off a bit of the scraper's end, leaving a small groove protrusion to start again.

The scraper measures 18" long x 5" wide x 1" thick.

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