Gas Fire Pit Steel Log Set

Posted: April 04, 2023
Fire Pit Steel Log Set
$425 - $501
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Your cozy gas fire pit gets a little cozier with this set of handcrafted steel logs from Cumbres Design. Now as you gaze into the dancing flames of your fire, you can also admire the unique detail and rustic vibe of wood kindling forged in everlasting steel. Cumbres Design will even add a steel pinecone or two to the set to up your fire's hygge levels, and truly transform it from a modern installation of metal and rocks to a homey piece of cottagecore.

The Gas Fire Pit Steel Log Set comes standard with 5 logs, one 4.5" diameter, two 3" diameter, and two 1.5" diameter. Each log is 12" to 16" long. The heavy-duty metal used to build them will rust over time, giving the set a more natural wood look.

In addition to their pleasing aesthetics, the steel logs will also retain and radiate heat from the fire, providing additional warmth around your fire pit.

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