Dutchtub Loveseat

Posted: May 11, 2019
Dutchtub Loveseat
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The Dutchtub has multiplied! I first saw Floris Schoonderbeek's wood-fired hot tub years ago as a single basin model. I'm not sure when he added the Dutchtub Loveseat to the collection, but now that my household carries the stress, relaxation cravings, and laziness of 2 people (OK, maybe the laziness is still just of 1) this outdoor double Dutchtub is just what I need.

Hopefully She-Ra: Princess of Power is cool paying for it.

A wood-fired hot tub must be like a wood-fired pizza oven, right? It just makes a good thing better? For the Dutchtub, its wood reservoir is a nifty-looking coiled basket. It contains the fire and enables it to heat and maintain the tub's temperature through natural circulation of water into and back out of the coil. The dancing flames also create ambience and, with an included wok pan, you can even use them to cook up some bath snacks.

The Dutchtub Loveseat fills with a standard garden hose via a turbovalve in its side. It holds about 350 liters of water.

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