CORE Oversized Padded Saucer Chair

Posted: August 06, 2021
CORE Oversized Padded Saucer Chair
$71.99 - $99.58
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Look, a flying saucer! No, scratch that. Look, a sit & don't go anywhere, maybe even don't move at all saucer! The CORE Oversized Padded Round Chair is a collapsible outdoor seating companion with just a little more room, cushion, and butt-cradling capabilities that your typical camp chair.

CORE's Round Chair features an egg-shaped quilted seat made from 600D brushed polyester, a padded headrest, and a built-in cupholder in case you need some sweet tea, a beer, or a Jack & Coke in a Big Gulp cup to help complete your efforts to chill out. Or get you through another season of peewee soccer. The chair's folding steel frame is sturdy enough to support up to 300 pounds of weight.

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