Zenbivy Double Beds

Posted: May 29, 2022
Zenbivy Double Beds
$399 - $518
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Zenbivy has always been about sleeping cozy under the stars - see the outdoor gear company's Zenbivy Bed, a freestyle sleeping bag - but with their forthcoming Zenbivy Double Beds, they're also entering the market of cozying up while sleeping under the stars.

Zenbivy Double Beds are made so you can "sleep with your partner, not just next to them." Available in Light and Luxe sizes, the bed setups come with a Double Quilt lined with Zenbivy's trademark Pongee, and a double-wide fitted sheet that can either envelop a single double mattress, or hold a pair of single mattresses securely in place. The Zenbivy Light Sheet Double set is made for backpack camping, and the Luxe Sheet Double for luxury car camping.

Both Zenbivy Double Bed styles come in green or black/red. Zenbivy also has the option of purchasing the Double Quilt on its own.

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