Wearable Japanese Futon

Posted: September 22, 2014
Wearable Futon
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Funny how a mere 90-degree turn can transform this wearable Japanese futon from a reasonably comfortable night's sleep into an awkward, stifling onesie that probably goes swish, swish between your thighs with every step. Though I would think it's really only intended for wear during cold-weather camping trips or some kind of survivalist adventure, or possibly while hostel hopping. Not at work for emergency nap time as the Japanese suggest in their photos.

Then again, the coveralls and their accompanying air mat were created by King Jim, an office supplies brand, and maybe sleeping under your desk in a polyester spacesuit on top of a polyethylene raft isn't that much worse than shutting yourself inside in a 7 x 3 x 4 pod hotel. Or Kramer's dresser drawers.

While not in use, the wearable Japanese futon rolls up like a sleeping bag, and its air mattress flattens to an A4 file-sized pack. In action, the suit measures 63" long x 24" wide, and the pad 113" long x 28" wide.

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