Ultralight Canister Camp Stove

Posted: April 16, 2014
$5.78 - $17.80
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Palm-sized and 3.9 ounces. That is a tiny stove. It's like the Danny DeVito of stoves. No wait, he's kind of rotund. Maybe it's the Danny DeVito's wife of stoves. The Carla from Cheers stove. JOGR's ultralight canister camp stove also folds up accordion-style and stows in a equally tiny and durable orange box for transport. I can't really think of anything DeVito/Carla can do comparable to that. Maybe stuff themselves into a Zissou 6 mummy bag?

Made of copper and stainless steel, the stove screws onto a gas base and lights with a Piezo ignition. Feet at the end of each support member can rotate outward to hold wider pots during cooking. One reviewer found the stove could boil 600 mL of water in a narrow pot in 4:45, and in a wider pot in an even 3:00. Its rated power is 3,500 watts.

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