Titanium Spork

Posted: February 11, 2015
Titanium Spork
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The Tater Twister came and went. So did the Salad Shooter. The electric knife. The electric can opener (my mama had one of those!) But the spork, the spork will never fall into oblivion. One of our country's finest examples of ingenuity and portmanteau words, the spork is an invaluable tool to campers, survivalists, and minimalists, faithfully combining two of our most important utensils on earth: the spoon and the fork. Light My Fire even adds a knife to their version to round out the consolidation process and create a true piece of Super Silverware.

Additionally, the Light My Fire Spork is made of titanium, one of the toughest, yet lightest metals around. This model was created by Scandinavian designed Joachim Nordwall to fit in backpacks, boats, lunchboxes, purses, and briefcases for instant access to implements of mass food consumption from anywhere.

The titanium spork is non-corrosive and non-magnetic, along with hypoallergenic and non-toxic. It weighs 17 grams.

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