The Muncher Titanium Multi-Utensil

Posted: February 02, 2017
The Muncher Titanium Multi-Utensil
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Long day outside. Sun, sweat, and dirt on your skin. A rumbling in your gut. It's time. To munch. And if you're on Team Full Windsor, it's time to Muncher. The outdoor and cycle accessory brand recently crowdfunded their latest multi-use tool, a full-on kitchen drawer of utensils made of ultralight aerospace grade titanium. The Muncher swallows 10 different food-focused functionalities into a 0.7-ounce, 6-1/2" frame.

In general appearance the Muncher is a spork on one end and a serrated butter knife on the other. One the way from one to the other, the multi-utensil has a built-in bottle opener / potato peeler and can opener / cord cutter. The end of the Muncher can also quadruple as a flathead screwdriver, lid pry bar, and box cutter.

Munchers optionally come in a hypalon storage pouch with carabiner for attachment. The pouch also contains a ferrocerium fire starting flint you can strike with the angled edge of the utensil's can opener.

You can pre-order a Muncher here on IndieGoGo, with an estimated delivery date of April 2017.

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