Roadie Tent & RV Camping Organizer

Posted: December 29, 2022
Roadie Tent & RV Camping Organizer
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Mother Nature, we're movin' in! And thanks to the Roadie Tent & RV Camping Organizer, we've got a compact, easily-transported shelving unit to store enough shoes, clothes, and gear for the whole fam damily! It will be like an outdoor closet in the middle of the forest! Right on the beach! Lakeside amidst the serenity of clear blue waters and singing spring birds! You're gonna love it, M.N.!

Roadie's Tent & RV Camping Organizer has 3 levels of shelving, each with 3 storage cubbies, and each with a thickened board running along the bottom that's strong enough to support up to 30 pounds. Built-in ground straps allow for staking the unit, which has dimensions of 47" long x 30" tall x 19" deep.

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