Poler 1-Person Mushroom Tent

Posted: March 21, 2023
Poler 1-Person Mushroom Tent
Check It Out

So, Poler calls this their 1-Person Tent in Goomer Brown, but check out the mushroom pattern on the tent fly. I don't think those are creminis and shiitakes staring back at us. So I'm calling it the Poler 1-Person Mushroom Tent. And I'm doing that for 3 reasons:

  1. It provides a better literal description of what the tent is than "Goomer Brown."
  2. It indicates what one might do inside the tent on one's next camping trip.
  3. It indicates what one might grow inside the tent in one's backyard, if one is so inclined. With an 80" x 30" x 40" floor, Poler's shelter is big enough for 1 person or 1 person's grow lab.
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