MONOLITH Tent & Hanging Shelter

Posted: February 01, 2022
MONOLITH Tent & Hanging Shelter
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Be the pillar of your next camping trip with the MONOLITH tent and hanging shelter. Especially if you prefer to sleep alone, or no one wants to share with you after you become Snorey McSnorerson from some expedition whiskey, or Farty McFarterson following the campfire franks & beans. The MONOLITH is a tent built for one.

Sexy obsidian black in color, high-performance and all-season in design, and versatile in setup, maker EXOD created the MONOLITH "to be the most versatile expedition tent to rise above breathtaking landscapes." The shelter is made of custom 2-layer water-repellent nylon ripstop and PU breathable membrane fabric, supported on the bottom by 2 telescopic carbon rods that form a flat bed. The "poles" that frame and hold up the roof of the MONOLITH are an inflatable exoskeleton, so the entire structure sets up in about 15 seconds.

On wet nights, or in places with sights better beheld from a higher vantage point, you can use the MONOLITH's 16 meters of webbing to suspend a hammock-style or tree tent for yourself.

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